Sunday, November 25, 2007


To say that I was an avid reader as a child would be an understatement. I spent a lot of time in the library and often read as many as 5 books a week, but somehow I never read Anne of Green Gables. Why? I have no idea and I don't ever remember seeing it on the shelves. Now how do I explain never seeing the PBS Movie?. Hmmm..maybe because I had just moved from Vermont to Massachusetts with a hyperactive four year old and an infant or maybe because the only PBS we watched back then had a big yellow bird or A man in a cardigan (whom I loved dearly, I might add). For whatever reason, today was the first time that I ever watched

this movie and I am embarrassed to admit it. I just loved it and cried during the last episode. Poor Matthew and what will Marilla do? More importantly, did she ever use the entire 20 pounds of brown sugar? Just thought you should know of my lack of Anne-ness.



  1. Hi Janet,
    I'll admit that I've never read the book nor seen the show! I'm a huge reader as well but I just never got around to it! Maybe it will go on my "read" list! Have a terrific week!

  2. I watched it on re runs a while back and it was so wonderful!

    I was in my 20s when I read it for the first time. Don't know why but I was! LOVED it! There is a line in "You Got Mail" (She owns my NYC fantasy children's book shop!) where Meg Ryan has a customer remembering something Meg;s Mom had told her about reading AOGG. "Read it with a box of tissues" Or something close to that...but then, you have probably seen that movie and know what I am talkng about!
    : )
    Okay, my rambling should stop now!

    Have a great week!


  3. I have to admit that I haven't read or seen it either.

  4. Hi Janet, I'm in the same boat. I think I may have seen a bit of the movie years ago, but I think I'll go back and read it now...

    Did I say "thank you" for the award? My brain is fried from all this Christmas countdown crap (pardon me!) so if I didn't say it before -- Thank you!

  5. Hello ~ Don't feel badly, I read voraciously as a child and never read Anne of Green Gables...and I had the book. :) Never saw the movie either. Couldn't tell you exactly why on either. Hope you have a lovely day..I really must be off to work.

  6. fi'm with mary on the christmas countdown crap, but i did watch each episode of aogg on pbs when it aired originally. loved the land, the houses, the clothes, and then was interested in anne's story. but i'm not a softy like janet.... jano

  7. Oh, that is a fantastic book. And the movie is adorable, brings back tons of good Christmas memories for me (mom always rented it when I went on break). Have you seen the sequel movie Anne of Avonlea? You'll love that too.

  8. Oh when Mathew dies, I cry my eyes out everytime. How you missed these wonderful books, I do not know but enjoy xoxoxo Clarice

  9. Janet, I never read the book or watched the movie either! I have heard of it in passing...maybe I should check out the book....:-)

  10. I love Anne of Green Gables, but the movie is my favourite! I live just a ferry ride away from Prince Edward Island (home to Anne), and they put on a fabulous musical at the playhouse in Charlottetown each summer. You'd love it!! P.E.I. is "Anne of Green Gables land"!!


  11. "Oh how much you miss!" The quotes from the Anne Series (plural, the Anne of Avonlea series too) have become part of the jargon of our family. A friend introduced us to the PBS series and it became a part of our lives. Then because my girls were of the reading age, I read all the books with them or to them as we bought each one. There are more Lucy Maud Montgomery series such as The Story Girl, also on PBS. The books are quick reads for adults and are a trip back in time to a girls' world and another place. Oh, so much "scope for the imagination!" Blessings, Shay

  12. I grew up in Canada so I knew all about Anne "with an e". The PBS series was a delight. I read the reat or the Anne series as an adult.

  13. Hi Janet, This is my first visit to your great blog!

    I never read Anne of Green Gables until I was in my 20's. I just love AOGG...I can watch it over and over again.


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