Thursday, November 1, 2007


South Washington Street is in the next town over. This street was once home to many of the owners of the large jewelry manufacturers that were prevalent here from the late 1800s until he mid 20th century. Part of this street is now a National Historic District, but because the town has no by-laws governing historic structures there are no restrictions on the owners. Fortunately most of the owners have avoided the aluminum and vinyl.

I sold this house and the house below is the house next door . At the time they were the most expensive houses ever sold in town $550,000.

My how times have changed !

and this house

yes, it is as great as it looks. 2 acre rear yard with pool, tennis courts. It has been refreshed on the inside by the very talented builder that purchased it in 2000.

Across the street is the home of a former co-worker. Never went inside, but suffice to say it is probably gorgeous

This is the oldest house on the street

This house is on a side street. It is my favorite house that I have ever sold and I have sold it twice.

Don't you love this tree? House next to last house

Same side street

Don't forget Melissa's Holiday party at TheInspired

We don't have many stucco houses except this one small street

Not many brick houses either. Halloween decor in yard

Back on So. Washington St.

Should Friday be "Tour Day"?
Let me know. See you at Melissa's



  1. Hi - I'm just wandering in late from the Halloween party. Pretty scenes of your livingroom. It's painted a similar color to my livingroom. I really liked the house tour - I love to walk/drive in old neighborhoods and enjoy the homes and landscaping. How fun.

  2. Oh I LOVE it! I am a huge Housepeeper myself and LOVE to find open curtains in the evenings, always seeing how the houses look on the inside. I also love going to Open Houses, esp. at ones in historic neighborhoods! Thanks for coming over, I will be back!

  3. Wow, what amazing houses. How lucky to live somewere with all thse old house. I think Friday tour is a great idea. Clarice

  4. You know I love house tours! My own Drive Bys will be happening periodically on Fridays so I love the idea!

    Now, I must scurry off, back to the party before anyone notices I have left! Thanks again for being a BFF and bringing your friends along with you to the festivities!


  5. Thanks for the tour....what fabulous homes....yes...yes...Friday should be tour day...we all need a little inspiration for the weekend1

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  6. I don't think your blog is drivel. :) I loved reading every word of it and I am a closet House Peeper too. Thank you for the house tour. It was fun. Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn

  7. Hi Janet! Just stopping by for the first time and loving your blog! I will add you to my google reader list (it updates me when you have posted something new! I blogged about it a few days ago if you want to find out more. Love all these pics of these beautiful homes! What a lovely neighborhood!

  8. I just LOVE your peeping obsession! :) Thanks for sharing those houses with us and giving me a fix.


  9. I really enjoyed the tour, I would love to see more! xo, suzy


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