Wednesday, November 14, 2007


For those of you who like peeping at houses I received an e-mail regarding an open house at this
house Sunday 12-2 in my inbox. Apparently I can't just save it and show you, but I will attempt the link to The home is in Belmont, a very white collar town about 35 minutes from here and is where our former governor Mitt Romney lives. I will spare you a political diatribe here. Check out the house, there are 25 pix on and it is only &1,069,000.

I would go to the Open House just to keep you abreast of the Belmont Real Estate market, but the Patriots are playing at 1:00 and I am invited to my son's house to watch on the "Man TV"

Hope the link works ;if not just type the address and it should get you to the property on


Edited: I don't know why this won't link, but if I type it into my browser it goes directly to the house on


  1. That's a really cute 'cottage style' home but what a price!! It does look ripe for peeping. Like you, I enjoy the Winter evenings when people have their lights on and you can see the color of the rooms, the chandeliers, and a kitty on the window sill perhaps!

    .........and soon the Christmas decorations will be appearing....lovely!

  2. The Realtor in me automatically figures out what the commission would be! We just had "Million Dollar Monday" in our office and we previewed 3 properties from 1.2 all the way to 3.9. Where do people get that kind of money and why do they all have such a big desire to own the biggest crystal chandelier known to man?? I'm with you...I'd choose the family time and football game over an Open House any day!!

  3. Hi Janet! Thanks so much for stopping by the back porch! I hope you can return often.

    The link wouldn't work for me.:-( I love housepeeping!

    I've enjoyed looking at your blog.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I want this house but here in Toronto and I hope it only costs $12!! hehe Beautiful!

  5. Oh wow but not my cup of tea. It is interesting to see houses you would not see here in WA. Clarice

  6. Yellow with white trim, shutters and a porch...I don't need to see anything more. Now, if I could just find a million dollars...

  7. Wow, it's really gorgeous inside! So much space! That mortgage payment is a killer!


  8. I can't imagine paying a 5,000.00 house payment!wow. It sure is pretty though!

  9. What a sweet little cottage!! *giggle* But it is gorgeous isn't it?
    I Loved seeing Cassie's commission comment! That made me giggle out loud! : ) I was thinking the same thing and I do not have a realtor's license! *grin*



  10. Wow, I could move right into that home! I think all my blue, white and yellow would look great in there!


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