Monday, February 18, 2008


To say that the weather was not cooperative is an understatement. We got out of Providence OK, were delayed an hour or so in Phillie an finally arrived in Phoenix around four o'clock. The sun was shining and we headed out for Tucson with a search for some food on the way. The sun had set before we arrived at the Hacienda in the Desert and it was the last sun that we saw for two days.

Thursday was incredibly windy and totally overcast; dirt blowing everywhere so we decided to go to Old Tucson Studios. Of course this is a stage set where they filmed many famous westerns, movies and TV shows on a dirt lot. Gritty just begins to describe the set and the taste in my mouth. I know, I know, keep it shut and it won't collect grit!!

Friday it just rained all day where we were, but it snowed in some parts of Tucson, so we went to some bookstores and just kind of hung out and mumbled about the weather. We did go for a ride near my brother's neighborhood and saw some of the worst looking homes that side of Appalachia. I don't care how poor you are there is no excuse for the way some of these places looked; trash everywhere, dead furniture on the lawns, junk cars and a few snarling curs to complete the picture. I would have taken pictures, but quite honestly I was afraid. Later we drove around some very classy new neighborhoods, but no pictures.

Saturday we went to Tombstone ( remember I am traveling with hubbie and son) and I will post those pictures tomorrow. Let's just say it brings housepeeping to a whole new level!!



  1. Akkk you poor thing. Althought be pre-pared for gray when you come to WA xoxoxo Clarice

  2. Oyy...sorry to hear the weather was so bad...hope you had better times indoors!!

    Glad to see you back!!

  3. Yikes!! I guess you just gotta be thankful you could see some family...

    Like you, I could probably pass on the grit.

    Welcome home.. ;)


  4. So....Home Sweet appropriate at this moment? Ha! Welcome home Janet, so sorry to hear about the bad poor thing. At least you got to spend time with your brother. Sometimes we just can't have it all I guess. Glad you're back!

  5. can't wait to see those Tombstone pics!

  6. Night and day, isn't it - the green east to the dry west! I prefer the east myself, but here I am in the west. At least there's some green where I live! ::Jill

  7. Hi Janet!! So glad to hear you made it back safe and sound :o)Your trip reminds me of when we used to live in Nevada....we lived 4 hours away from Vegas.I didn't know people lived like that either so it was a learning experience!LOL...Can't wait to see pics from your trip! Welcome home :o)


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